She says that she got all the meaning from what i have written. She thinks that i consider her fool. but infact its her thinking. Reflective perception is very important concept sometimes even though we do not realize it too often.
She cannot be forced to think some way which she doesn't want to. For me convincing someone is very difficult job. Because i consider that its not good to manipulate thoughts of people. There is possibility that logic needs to be stronger enough. But human beings cannot provide super strong logic which can fit in everyone's mind perfectly.
However, many human beings will disagree with the above sentence. Every human being has freedom to choose and decide. Some choose to stay in that aura they create for themselves or been limited to that by their society, ancestors and culture. These debates can be endless. Even people can debate for hours only on this point, even when they know that it does not matter whether they agree or disagree. The value they give to their choice is only limited to them.
The feel, the essence, the logic, the rationality behind words can not be described or transferred to other human beings. Intensity will never be same. Every human being have different perspective which comes from lot of stories. Many human beings call those stories as experience. They cannot be said wrong. Nothing is wrong in this world. Nothing is right either.
AryaAura AryaAura
36-40, F
Aug 18, 2014