Enough Already

I don't want to offend stay-at-home Moms - - I am one.  Honestly, I don't really enjoy it.  I feel like since I quit working my son is not getting to spend time with other children and I am missing spending time with adults.  Yes, my husband comes home every night, but I don't want to talk about military stuff  - - I want to talk to female adults and I want to talk about something other than children.  I've changed enough diapers during the day, I don't want to hear about someones little darling's potty training dilemmas.  Let's face it if it were just me spending my day playing with my child that would be one thing.  My day is spent cleaning house and cooking or finding ways to avoid both.  I am in a rut - - I tried play dates and really didn't care for it.  I met a lot of breastfeeding, co-sleeping, attach parenting, cloth diapering moms.  Nothing against them, I'm just not one of them.  And apparently, if you are not one of them you are the worst mother to grace the earth.  My new plan of attack is to go to the gym.  I figure I get two hours of free daycare where my son can play with other children and I can work on my weight and maybe burn off some of my energy in a positive manner.  I've ran out of ideas to make for dinner, I think it is physically impossible to keep my family room clean, I don't like doing laundry everyday and if you have watched one Dora the Explorer you have seen them all.  So if any of you ladies have any ideas please help a sister out. 

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3 Responses Jan 18, 2009

Isn't funny that we have the answers to our own questions but sometimes need the assurance from others.

So true - - I appreciate the ideas. And you are right I need to make the best of this situation. We are military so I do not have close family and friends near by, but we do have a child care center on post and my gym does provide child care while you workout. Thanks for the kick in the pants - - I need to start doing and stop complaining!

Hmmm, well you R a diapering, child caring Mom, that's your lot right now. How about starting a support group of like minded women. you could meet each time at a different moms home, go to the mall, or the museum or the aquarium or zoo or gymboree or any place you can push a stroller or even to a movie(they start about noon) or even rent a video, start a book or investment club even. Volunteer to watch someone else's kid for half a day then switch off for some alone time for yourself. Any grandparents around. Pay a niece or nephew you can trust to sit with the kid(S) for a few hours on Saturday and go to a book store or library or massage or manicure. You get the idea-take an online course. Hope some of the ideas work, I imagine some may depend on the age of your child to. Keep looking forward to grade school it will be here before you know it. :) and bigger expenses. Start saving now if you can.