The Same Old Same Old

Actually I did submit a comment about this story. I know what you mean. I'll have been married 10 years in May and I wanted a divorce years ago. 365 days of meals, endless laundry, cleaning the house and in my case caring for the yard too and though we have a very nice 4 year old home, my husband doesn't really give a s*** about it. Even though he makes wear and tear on the house to (let's not discuss my 17 year old) some how it's all my responsibility to keep up and on top of this we have to deal with sex when THEY want it too. And he's the same all he wants to discuss are his patients or some dumb science info(he LOVES science) or watch F****** CNN or his big date night thing let's go see a movie. i tell him that i can see a movie any time, and or take myself out for a bite. I am grateful that I don't have to get up in the morning to get ready for work. Can spend all day on the computer if I want to. Etc, etc. You really have a lot of free time other than having to care for your child. So what do you really want to do?

Bizzybizzy Bizzybizzy
Jan 19, 2009