Did I Mention I Have No Patience For Dickheads With Motives Of Their Own?

It came to my attention just the other day how much a few people can take on board and turn into their issues even when it's got nothing slightly to do with them.  I put myself out there and asked for help, it came - but it came with baggage and a foul attitude.  Was it good enough that I was terrified and about to experience something painful - no.  Was it good enough that I had tidied up and tried my best - no.  Was it good enough that I got most of the money I needed together and was going to be struggling as a result - no.  Hell no, it had to be about them, oh boo hoo we couldn't stay at home, we had to use petrol, you didn't go in for surgery fast enough and wanted someone to stay with you until you did, you didn't want to eat like we did, or have the same food, you - um hello my mouth is full of stitches and I resemble a chipmunk!  A 'dizzy' one at that..  Oh shame on me for needing support, love, and having to put my trust in you one more time - you had me in the first place.

So no I didn't appreciate you making my day all about you.  I didn't like being told to get over it or being reminded it's just and operation.  I had no need to be pushed into being all that you want, have, or anything else for that matter.  Thank you fukking much for disturbing your weekend and taking days off so that you could remind me of how generous you were the whole weekend.  I'll pay the money back and move on..

Thank god for you honey - you saved me, even chewed me out when I was stuck in their habit.  Now put the drink down, and come snuggle.

Yours sincerely,

Dizzy Chipmunk.

Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
31-35, F
2 Responses May 13, 2012

I hate. HATE people like that!!!!!! I'm surrounded by them. It's the pity police lemme tell you! Thanks for posting.

hugs. youre welcome.

Thank you my love, hugs and a little sumtin sumtin back..