Labels Are Deceiving

I've been blogging in various locations on the net for 8 years now. I used to enjoy blogging about politics, but ran into a serious wall, when the labeling began.

I was never registered to vote. I had a previous employer try to force me to register and to vote as they wanted, so I seriously resisted. I think one's vote is something precious to be cast when you solidly believe in a candidate, when you believe it will make the most difference, have the greatest impact, not to be cast just so you can say you voted, just because you have been lead to believe it's your 'duty', or if you're going to vote 'party' because your family or anyone else influenced you to do so.

When I did register I did so as "Green Party" because I didn't want to buy into the two main parties, I don't 100% agree with either of them. In 2008, I decided I wanted to vote, because I strongly disagreed with the direction our nation was going, I was ashamed to say I was American, as a result of our foreign policy, the conduct of our politicians, etc. I wanted to see a change. Because our state has closed primaries, I changed my registration to Democrat.

I tend to lean more toward Democratic ideology, but I have some Conservative values as well. I've been hit with the "liberal" label... used as a hateful slur, an ugly accusation, a 'put-down'. My personal thoughts and ideals have been disregarded and dismissed simply based on having that 'liberal' label.

I'm a morbidly obese woman, as the result of my disability and lack of mobility. People label overweight people as "pigs", "lazy", etc. without getting to know the individual, without understanding what might have brought about the condition.

People see a person using a wheelchair and immediately think you have a mental disability or that you are deaf. They talk loudly to you, slowly and they offer to do everything for you. They label you a "gimp", a "cripple", etc.

My Godson tells me that it's human nature to group and categorize things. We like order, we like knowing where things belong, what things are associated with, therefore we label everything and everyone.

Labels are deceiving, because if you dismiss someone or their opinion based on the label you've assigned to them, you are likely missing out on a potentially valuable experience. No one is definable by one label, no one is 100% anything. Labeling is, in my opinion, a mistake.
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I like the idea of a poll to see what is most acceptable to the actual people being labeled as such. <br />
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When we were learning how to speak more politically correct, we were told the standard old English definition of "handicapped" described someone literally sitting on a corner with hat in hand, begging for charity. This is why the 'independent living movement' began to ob<x>ject to the use of the term. <br />
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I have OCD too. I've been accused of being brutally honest. I made a decision about a decade and a half ago, that I wasn't going to be so tactless, try to control the honesty a bit... LOL <br />
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Sweetie, when I was in high school, I wore a size 10-12 (I was 5'7" tall) and there were people who would make sound effects as I walked by, "boom, boom, boom". they would pretend they were being shaken like an earth quake and they would yell out... "There's the TON OF FUN!" I was humiliated. I was a third the weight I am now... Year ago, I was half this size and had kids on the sidewalk in front of my home when I walked by them say "Free Willy" and other women yell out car windows as they drove past, "Are you pregnant or just fat?"<br />
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Talk about messed up?? It's no wonder our kids treat people the way they do... what kind of example are we setting?

I think handicapped..or whatever lol...people should have a nation-wide vote. It could be set up on computers. List the politically correct terms along with other terms and allow write-ins. make the majority picked terms the absolute end of it. <br />
I like the term "handicapped". It's literal meaning is that there is a cap on how handy you are. It's the truth. I like truth.<br />
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You are a better person than I am. I could not have done that job. You are right. EVERYTHING offends someone. If this keeps up, people will stop speaking entirely. Part of my psych probs are OCD. I am OCD as a pathological truth teller. I would have told somebody off. LOL<br />
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name calling is a different matter. That is simply how the person was brought up. It's a never ending viscious cycle passed through intolerant families. Yup, the term "lazy" has been used on me a lot and that is a little bit of a trigger for me. I've had people call me a "whale" when I wore a size 11 ! That's how messed up our values have become.

bitterdregs, <br />
I was forced to be a 'politically correct' person.... lol. Having worked in a disability rights agency we were beaten over the head until we succumbed to using politically correct language, as we did a lot of sensitivity trainings, workshops, educated businesses and schools about disability rights, etc. I don't know what to say anymore, because people seem to take offense to EVERYTHING. <br />
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Although the politically correct thing just piggy-backed on my own previous feelings about 'name-calling'. Never been a big fan. Never liked the whole labeling thing either. People use words to wound one another, to put others in a position of 'less than'. If not for that, perhaps there would be no need for 'pc' language. <br />
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I never gave any thought to saying 'crazy', I call myself that all the time. I absolutely love your response to the doctor... LMAO!!! <br />
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Oh and another thing. I have no problem with calling myself "crazy". it's just a word. When in a shrink's office ( ooo i used the word "shrink" ;o) I have referred to myself sa crazy. The shrink said " We don't use the word "crazy". I said " Oh that's too bad. How long have you been referring to yourself as "we" ? " LOL

I can't even get a label. LOL I want one ! I'm in the camp that believes voting is no longer real. I think that presidents are chosen by the elite banking families who own the media and simply announce who "won" making it look real. I think the two main political parties are simply there to keep people believing we live in a democracy and are used toward the divide and conquer principle on the people of our nation.<br />
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Ok, so I guess my label is "conspiracy theorist". It does'nt really fit unless someone proves to me that voting is real. Without proof, I would have to call everyone else " deomocracy theorists" LOL<br />
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I've always wanted to fit in somewhere. I don't quite belong anywhere. because of that, I get giddy when someone labels me. LOL The whole politcially correct labeling scene though... yikes. I was crippled, then handicapped. Then disabled. Then physically challenged. Then differently abled. none of this was to please was to please the yuppies as to how they felt about themselves when they referred to me. Now, I am scared to refer to myself as crippled or handicapped because I might offend the healthy yuppie I am speaking with. How sick is that ? I prefer monikers like " gimp". family and friends..I say ' I'm a gimp. They call me a gimp. It's and less austere. My BF says " c'mon Gimpy !" when I'm caning it to the car. LOL I enjoy it.<br />
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I make of of my weight too. I say I am " rubinesque" ..then ask someone to roll me over to the desert cart hee hee I have to have a sense of humor. If I don't I would'nt have made it this far because you are absolutely right. people are cruel and assumptive.

Your godson is right, about our American way of doing things. the old saying going into play, when in Rome do as the Romans. However, not all Romans are right, and I cast my vote accordingly. I then become the minority, but that is okay, it is my freedom to vote that really count.