TAlking about flaws, short comings & reserved nature of myself. I've come across the fact that no one is going to accept you the way you're. Deep down you are being judged anyway. I don't open up to anyone because i know that i've put on the best of myself on my display. And once i open up, i won't be loved but judged for being the most ****** up person ever.
Someone who has been carrying the fire inside her during her teens. Interacted to different levels with guys. Whether considered unethical or immoral. Never cared. Someone who has lied alot to others. Bragged about her ownself. Used people to a certain level for her benefits, yet not making them feel it. Ditched a guy because she was getting tired of his ****. Left friends because she wanted to explore new people. Left some because they were super clingy & would interfere. Never turned back to the places & people she had left. Involved in a fwb relationship because she want to get rid of her boredom, she doesn't love him a bit but just to get over the exhaustion of her work & lonliness.
Someone who's becoming the worse form of herself. Tried drugs. Acted like a junkie in an event infront of few friends just to make them pass the message to my ex.
Not accepted by my ex for who i'm & the flaws i carry were always rubbed in my face. I've turned cold now.
I would never fall in love. You can imagine this from the fact that i'm in a physical relation with someone i don't even love & i don't even talk about committments with him. I'm turning badass. But i know i won't be accepted anyway.
If you tell someone that you're a virgin, they think of you as a dumbass with typical thought of "waiting for the right guy" & laugh at you for waiting for your right guy & prince charming. That "non-existing guy". If you tell someone, that you're not a virgin they take you as easy to get laid. They don't get it that you've given off so much to someone you genuinely like.
Doing drugs make me a junkie & not having done alcohol would make me a mummy-daddy girl. Being half naked makes me a **** & completely covered makes me not confident of my body. Brings out my insecurities of not being enough. Trusting people blindly makes me a fool & not trusting anyone makes me a cheat. Letting someone have it all from me makes me easy & not letting them shows that i lack confidence. Being dirty makes me look like a ***** & not responding to dirty jokes shows that i lack sense of humor. Having my makeup done all the time, shows that i'm ashamed of being in my natural look. Just like my guy says that you'd be fixing your makeup & hair even while riding my **** lol & he fears that day.
It's just like you can't do anything without being labelled.
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Yup , its society! You will always be labelled for doing one thing or the other , you just have to be yourself and ''just do it ''!