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Its Provocative And Careless

to tell genuine hurting people to just get over it. I understand the pains and humilations of child sexual abuse and child emotional and psychological and physical abuse. its the last thing they want to hear is "just GET over it" ...

my spiritual healer, Doret said she hear a voice in her readings saying about all my stuff "to just get over it" and I have to admit it made me feel angry at her. I began to see a selfish and bullying person coming out of her then and then bit by bit she wouldn't even look my way in our paths crossed anyway - she turn away with the most guilty of expressions...

I gave up on her then! who ever her aperation was was so shallow!

I don't think people ever need to be told get over it... how do you? its not a fence or a bundle of sticks ... you jump over it and you usually fall somewhere.. you side step it and it will just get bigger in the background while you pretend it is not there.

for the record "do some survivers ever get over abuse and trauma, or nervous breakdown?" its so humpty dumpty...

the answer lies with finding a cope strategy or mechanism when it arises...

I could tell the world to get over sept 11, or ww2 or tidal waves or other disasters and that to me would sound rather impolite

people cope as best as they can and I am not over my abuse yet and wonder if I ever will be... and I don't think its up for debate and I certainly do not care what other people think of me ... they can think what they like about me.

I myself do not judge people and when and where and how they should get over something... death of a loved one, loss of a job or limb or loss or hurt of any kind...

I am however over many things and one of them is my relatives and what the mongrels think! I am over relationships and careers and life!

I can't see me getting over systematic satanic bullying and what other fools see as right for me when they are stupid themselves. I am less interested in relationships then I was 20 years ago.  I just want to be left alone ... with my immediate family.

I still want a law degree and to work in law. I still want to go back to university and I still am hurt over being raped and spoken to rudely and being stopped to be who I want to be ... I don't want to be what everyone else wants me to be... so how about all you get over that!!!
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals 36-40, F Sep 9, 2011

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