Like They Would Know.

I hear this alot from family and my therapist,, they say stuff like i know how you feel but you got to get over it. Really if you truly knew how i felt you would not say stupid crap like this. Then my therapist is all like you need to forgive your abuser. I forgive people who steps on my toe, I don't forgive someone who prays on children and made my life a living hell..
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Yes, I agree.. I understand forgiveness as giving up hope of a better past, however I'd just like my time to be hurt, {out loud} and not have to "get over it" because what happen makes others sad or uncomfortable...I'm sorry to see you experience this too.

Ouch. It's incredibly insensitive to say that to a survivor...and that your therapist said it!?!?! That person needs some more training or something. Is there some way you could get a different one? Or is that person the only one you've got access to?<br />
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Either way, you heal when you heal. There is no set time that you wake up and are like "Oh, okay. I'm fine now!" Healing takes time, and it's a different road for every person.<br />
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I wish you all the best on your road. Take all the time you need.