My First Ep Blocks

I feel really bad having to block people on here. It makes me feel kind of guilty,, as I get upset and have lots of questions when I found out that I have been blocked by someone. I guess my curiousity isn't serving so well anymore. I have been blocked by quite a few people on here.
With that being said, unfortunately, I had to make my first two ep blocks the other night, because I deternined that a few profiles I had in my friends list were inacceptable to communicate with. This wasn't an easy decision for me by any means, but I feel like it's one that sadly had to be made. It's sort of ironic, I don't like getting blocked and I can't I enjoy feeling it's necessary to block others, either. Sort of ironic that I had to decide this.
It took me a while to realize the usernanes of the ppl I had to block and how one track monded there interests/ experiences are. (You who u are).
Thought I'd share this while the blocks were fresh in mind, and since I recently joined this experience. I would apprecite any comments/ feedback on this issue.
I figured it was time I write another story, anyway.
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Me too, so I virtually never ever do that. Ever. Because I believe that even that can come back to haunt you one day. Depending on the circumstances. I absolutely don't like doing it at all.

If it is last resort, having exhausted all options. You have to do what you have to do

um i block pple mainly cause of my age (15) there are a few exceptions and pple i wont block but i block pple whos first words are hey baby wanna sex chat or are over the age of 50 *shudders* but ironically i havent been blocked yet

Sure people post their experiences here in EP but it is what THEY want to share and to share it generically is far different than one on one conversation. No one wants to feel as though they are in a police interrogation....Ask 1-2 questions tops...LET THEM RESPOND if they do not respond they have their reasons and you MUST RESPECT THAT. <br />
Your profile says that you are Christian and most people have had negative experiences with Christians and church people in general, so that already has people on the offensive...especially if a Christian is asking questions regarding the adult/sexual experiences here...They are waiting for the judgment and condemnation to come.<br />
Your responses here also can come across as arrogant "What's the matter with asking questions?" so many here have already told you to tone it down and take it easy with the questioning....You express via your posts "How dare anyone block me here?" Perhaps you offended someone, you have no idea what a person's past is...abuse, or not. <br />
Bottom line BE SENSITIVE of others and less absorbed in your own curiosity....Spend more time reading what people write in the experience groups....Some people feel they have said it all in one of their stories and do not want to repeat themselves.

What's wrong with asking questions??? Honestly, That's how I learn best and has been for many yrs. I'm a very visual person. Why do ppl feel that way, tho?? I mean I'm asking about why that person likes to something that they've publicized on ep. Most pl like talking about themselves. They shold keep in mind that I can ask about the tings I see on their profile. If they don't feel comfortable answering something, than perhaps they should hide that item. Good advice thx. I've limited ny questions to 5 per PM. That's mild for me. I figure I migt as well get to the person if they've accepted my friend request, or if I think it might benefit them to do so. It's that I've truly curious. I've always have been. I must say that most ppl's experiences are most more interesting than mine, tho. I guess that's possible. I think FB was another issue, however, as my story suggests. lol. Not sure why ppl would think that. I do eat, sleep, shower, etc. Wednesday nights for example, I'm usually offline for like 18hrs straight. Somewhat , I guess. You bring some good points here. Thx!<br />
It's just the way I am. I usually get along with most ppl. and I extremely dislike it when someone blocks me. That sucks! It does need to be done occasionally. That's a good warning to give ppl ahead of time. I totally agree. Both of those things are quite gross!!!!!! That's very true. That seems fair. That's a good point. I realize that it's each person decision to expect my PM/ communication offer. I also realize that they can reevaluate things each time I respond. I usually add ppl for a particular reason. Not trying to be pushy by any means!!!!!<br />
That's probably true. Not sure it's a question of right and wrong, here, tho.

First off if all you do is rattle off questions then the person being questioned feels interrogated and it is invasive...BE SENSITIVE of others and less focused on your curiosity. People can also feel you are getting WAY TOO PERSONAL by asking too many questions. Is it that you are truly curious or are you so lacking in your own life you have to get into the lives of others? This may have lead to your Facebook problems as well...Kind of making people think "MAN! Does this guy even have a life away from the computer already!? Have you thought that you have been blocked here in EP for these reasons?<br />
<br />
Second why would you feel guilty about blocking someone...I do it regularly. I have it posted on my profile page that if people are into using animals for sex or have and erotic fetish for human waste do NOT try to add me to your circle...they still try to add me so automatic block...not into their perversions and should not have it forced on me. I warned them in my profile to leave me alone and those that do not get blocked...Pushy people also get blocked...just because this is online does not mean you forget manners and treat people like they owe you something.<br />
<br />
People think they can get away will all kinds of wrong behavior when they do not have to face the one subjected to it.

That's possible. Thx for your opinion. It's an interesting thought. I just get curious easily. I don't get asked questions about me very often. When U do, I try my best to answer them honestly.

Thank you for the compliment and your comment!!! I appreciate both. I bet. There's way too much of that content on ep, sadly!!!!! Cool. i always enjoy communicating with new friends on ep. will do.<br />
C ya.

Emerald,<br />
<br />
Glad u agree. You add some good things here. What an interesting way to chance convos with those types of people. I should try that next time. Glad you've learned that and even made friends this way!! Good insight. <br />
<br />
Tasmin,<br />
<br />
I agree. It was humerous to read. Worth a try, tho, I guess?? <br />
<br />
Emerald, lol. Very true. Everyone is different.

Jimusu,<br />
<br />
Yeah, I've noticed that, too. Very good point! That's a tough situation to be in. I totally agree, and has happen to me a bit too much on here thus far. Sometimes this puts us in a situation where we just can't win!!!!<br />
<br />
True. Especially when we get blocked for no reason. I agree that the ppl blocking are the one with issues! Thx for the comment.

Blackrose,<br />
Thx for comment. I appreciate that. I think feeling guility is somewhat common in this regard. I agree. Doesn't mean u don't feel bad about the decision to block, tho. Some ppl definately get this for what they've done to themselves. Good thing to wonder. Then these ppl get mad at us for mentioning things that should prob be hidden in the first place! I think most ppl feel that way. EP is supposed to be for networking reasons!!!! Interesting pov. I'm glad u feel that way! I've enjoyed chatting with u.

Hey! Whatever works, Tasmin! ;D hehehehe

LOL emerald

Totally agree with Jiemsu! Although, there are some that legitimately block the pervs, too. I've not had to use the block, really. There's even a cure for the pervs. Ignore their crude questions or responses, and respond back by talking about mundane subjects, or something totally off the wall from what they want to discuss. I've discovered something. 1. THis will put them off or confuse them, and they stop memoing. OR, they're willing to give up the sexual or perverted chats, and actually have an acceptable chat! I actually gained a few friends in my circle this way! Shocked me! Shocked them! And we still talk! :)

Yeah, some people complain that they don't like it when people only talk about themselves because they think they're too egocentric, yet the same people feel enclosed when someone really makes an effort to find out more about them or spend time with them.<br />
<br />
To be honest, alot of the time, I just think some people just haven't got a clue what they want, and when they block people, it's not the person that's blocked that needs to change.

Hey. Thanks!!!!<br />
<br />
I personally feel the need to block someone for a variety of reasons. My criteria for someone needing a block is either disgusting profiles or rude behavior on chat. This might change over time. I say that because their profile grossed me out. I'm not sure of the rareness of this action. I guess I feel more guility than anything. <br />
<br />
I totally agree. You have a good point here. True. It's sad in many cases we're never know. I bet I've been blocked more than most. <br />
<br />
Interesting. I believe that people dislike blocking others, just they do finding out they've been so. Very true. <br />
<br />
Exactly!!! That's why my decisions were made. I agree. Good point. That can be quite difficult sometimes.

Hey haloguy07. Nice story.<br />
<br />
Why would you personally feel the need to block someone anyway? What's your criteria for someone needing a block, if you were to construct a list? You say it's because they are inacceptable to communicate with, why so, why do you feel that? From you feeling bad for doing so, I presume this is a fairly rare action.<br />
<br />
The feeling of being blocked is unnerving, and sometimes upsetting, just as if we are rejected or denied in real life. We all want to find out why in some way, and unfortunately it leads to us doubting ourselves for who we are.<br />
<br />
So I can imagine the guilt that people feel when they, themselves, are in a situation where they have to block others, because they worry that the person they are blocking will somehow doubt themselves.<br />
<br />
But sometimes, what needs to be done needs to be done. From all the actions we do daily, we are bound to offend or affect someone in a bad way, we often can't help that, if we are just being ourselves. But if we don't intentionally want to harm or make others feel bad, we shouldn't blame ourselves too harshly.

You're lucky!!!! Usually, you try clicking on their profile and ep tells you that u can't view it anymore. Or sometimes it's obvious at the bottom of a PM. That's a shame. I guess feeling bad is pretty common, then. True. No point being uncomfortable by ppl on here.

Thanks for the detailed answer. I'm sure others would be interested seeing it, as well. You have a good point. I bet it is natural. sounds fun. Guess they are other sites for sex talk. <br />
<br />
that must suck. Have u ever been blocked on ep?

Sometimes I do and I think it's natural coz there is always a question in my head "maybe they are not bad persons" but since I see the "mature" topics only, in their profile pages, I have to block them. I'm not here for talking about sex. I'm here for sharing my experiences and to talk to friends.<br />
<br />
I blocked over 10 I think. Maybe even more.

I agree. Do u ever feel bad having to block them? I think pervs can have many definitions, however. How many have u had to block??

I block all the pervs trying to add me ... I have to, there is no other protection.

Thx for the comment! I agree with your thinking. I'm glad u don't mind questions about the things u publicized on here. That's why u joined the experience to begin with I'm guessing?? I guess very curious , very very easily, and I think that might make some ppl mad. <br />
You have a good point. However, ep seems to be a site where blocking each other is part of the game. Not a good situation to be in!!!!! Not a good to reason to block, but I guess some ppl get offended way too easily. <br />
Thanks!!! Every comment helps.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions and sometimes others have the same questions as well so its good to ask. Especially if you are curious and I hope I do not get put in the same situation as you where I would have to block someone... for I do know that this is a site where no one is supposed to be cruel to each other... and would hate that to know that if someone ask a question that gives then the reason to block... Good luck and hope you get your answers...

I'm glad u understand! I think a lot of us have put in that position before. Thanks! I still feel bad about it. I guess I hope the people I blocked can see my reasoning. It was an impulse decision.

It might. I appreciate u quick comment. I'm a very very curious person by nature. I can't help it sometimes. I must ask " why publicize something on ep if you are unconfortable talking about it or making it uncomfortable for questions/ comments"?? That's true. I never know if people will answer my messages or not. No point saving up a question that I'd like to ask, but might never get to. That's true. It's good advice. Thanks for trying to help.

Hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'm hoping it might help you in the future. You ask A LOT of questions and all in one go; perhaps you should start slowly and give people a chance to chat so you can learn about each other over time, rather than in one message - it can put some people off any contact at all. Sorry if you feel bad, but I'm hoping my advice will give you new insight. :)