I 'hate' Coffee

I avoid coffee like the plague... The smell, the taste.  Even in candies or the dreaded coffee cake.  I won't even kiss my lover when he has coffee breath.  People think I'm strange because I don't like coffee.  They said try it with milk, sugar, one of those frozen drinks, etc.  Well people... do I have to hold up a sign and scream at the top of my lungs that I don't like coffee??? lol ;-)
I have nothing against coffee drinkers either... I won't force you to drink my green tea and you won't hound me to try your latest coffee thingy!! Deal??
Have a good one ;-)

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Brad1983... That's too funny. I would be shocked too. How can she stand it to work for something that she hates... Oh wait a minute.. I just described half the world's population... :) Have to remember to buy that lottery ticket :) hee hee

Thedarkknight.... I am glad that I'm not alone that 'you' hate the smell too :)

Longrun... <br />
So we have something else in common. I love herbal tea. I have every flavor, but my favorite is green tea. I also do the hot chocolate thing too... but it has to have mashmallows in it.. You know.. the tiny ones :) <br />
I am not worried about being forced to drink it. So what if people think I am strange for not liking coffee... Its good to be different ;-)<br />
<br />
Besides....<br />
Coffee is not my cup of tea. ~Samuel Goldwyn<br />
<br />
Did I tell you that I'm known for my quotes.... ;-)

Well RichieRich78... Now you know some one.. me!! ;-)

We all have our issues - but COFFEE..? You do not like coffee? This is unusual for me ... I drink gallons of ice water every day but I loveeeeeeeeee my coffee .. Juan Valdez is my hero ... a double espresso is my fav ... WOW, I don't think I ever met anyone that didn't like coffee...

Sunflower101... I've never liked coffee. Believe me I tried all flavors & I hated all of it. Especially the after taste. It would have helped me to stay awake all through my college and university days studying all night... lol<br />
But at least I love all types of herbal teas, but that is another story. :)

why don't u like coffee? it's unusual to see that reaction

That's too bad spriritoftherabbit..... Maybe there is another herbal tea you can try? I drink all kinds of herbal tea. I hate regular tea... and well as I expressed recently.. coffee is the top of the list :)

I love coffee now, but it is definitely an acquired taste.I didn't like it until I was about 26 years old.<br />
Green Tea tastes good, but it really bothers my kidneys for some reason. :(

As Winston Churchill said..."never surrender!!" Not a chance... :)