The Doctor Disease

It's not unique or strange to have had a fear of the scary Doc when being a kid. I was one of those kids who would hide behind mom, deny needing the doctor until mom dragged me.

Now, fast forward to the present day- I work with doctors every single Monday through to Friday! I have to talk to them on the phone, email and sometimes even meet with them. I help doctors find jobs. It's like I'm working off bad karma I gained from mistreating doctors through my childhood yet I never mistreated a single one. I was never rude, quiet..yes, reluctant..yes, but I was never mean. They always have and maybe always will make me feel uncomfortable.

Worst than doctors is hospitals. Places filled with doctors, nurses, sick, pained and sadly sometimes dying. I have to talk to hospitals daily (Sometimes talking to the hospital CEO is too close for comfort). While helping doctors find jobs we also help hospitals find doctors (recruiters). Fun right! not. I went to school for film and video so I imagined a life of art- far away from scrubs but something keeps hooking me back into the doctor world.

It's alright for now, but I still don't like the majority of doctors. Some are alright, just like anybody but it is the practice, the MD behind them that I don't particularly enjoy.

P.S I don't like it when they can't spell Medicine or physician properly. You did years and years and even more years of school for this career choice. Really?

The signs are screaming it... I should have been a doctor... or maybe I was one in a past life, fired from the job and now resentful of said firing. Bah, I have no idea but there is no escaping the medical tackling my comfort bubble.
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

That is a very good point. I have gained negotiation skills from this job.