When You Shouldn’t Listen To A Friend

Of course we love our friends who else would spend half an hour dissecting a text from a new man, drop everything to comfort us when we are bummed, or tell us the honest truth about how we look. And probably they’re the first people we turn for advice, and while at times the word of wisdom are spot-on, occasionally, they offer dead- wrong guidance that could actually damage our life.

It’s unsettling to think that someone you trust so much could screw you over, intentionally or not.
I have this friend I met way back our freshman year in college. She was nice and was conservative, we shared meals together and spent quality time with our other friends . We’ve been friends for almost 4 years , Last year I decided to move in with her , things were going smooth between us, things are going well , then late April last year , it was when my x boyfriend and I started to have communication again, after a week we decided to meet , before i can even say a word he admitted that he already have a gf ,but I was still calm, and this fwb( friends-with-benefits) thingy started again .Weeks had passed and so I decided to tell my friend that I was seeing my x boyfriend again, she said that she was happy for me , in fact because of her being so nice I decided to invite her over to come with me and meet my x.

After a month or so , A hunch is starting to rattle my mind . I had the feeling that something is not right , so I tried to have the courage to ask my x boyfriend to be honest and tell me what’s going on , I asked him if something was going on between him and my friend , but then he’s answer was just WALA ( NOTHING), and then the next day my friend called and admitted that she and my x was seeing each other for quite sometime already and they are in a relationship for at least 3 months. I was mortified, I was crying, I don’t know what to do . So, that night I decided to ask for my x’s girlfriends phone number . Good thing we had a common friend so getting her number wasn't that difficult . The next day I decided to text her that his bf is cheating on her , at first I was hesitant that she would think that im just making things up to ruin their relationship and think of me like im a ***** but I think its best to tell her and the rest is to figure it out for herself if im lying or not . Cheating isn't fun right ? So the original girlfriend and I started texting , I told her that his boyfriend is seeing someone else and that happens to be my friend .And after a week I decided to move out of our apartment . Honestly we dint know what to do , there was one time we reached our boiling points that we decided to confront the girl and texted her MEAN things which for a fact is true that shes a bf stealer and shes one desperate ***** . As for the guy , sometimes I imagine giving him a swift kick between his thighs as he shouts repeatedly so he could at least feel the dose of pain he had inflicted on us. But, oh well we chose to be in peace , let karma do the rest.

Who would have thought that someone you hate before can be your allie and the one you gave so much trust can be your enemy. Friends are supposed to be on your side, but sometimes good pals offer advice that can mess up your life. I have learned that before you seek guidance,note our initial impulse. At times, intuition can be better than analysis.
tummycheeks tummycheeks
22-25, F
Sep 13, 2012