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Some Days

Almost everything you ever liked to do,

becomes like watching paint dry...
oldfarmguy oldfarmguy 61-65, M 3 Responses Apr 17, 2011

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I must agree getting old is not a good feeling especially when our body needs alot of "attention".and care.But there are things in life we can look forward to and also enjoy what we have.God Bless.

Oh henneypenny that was a lovely comment. And OFG, it can be hard at times to get through the day when so much of the important parts of life are done. Raising a family, working, etc. It's tough. For all those that fight those blues they need to make sure they still reach out and get whatever they can from life. Getting older doesn't mean it's all over. Things are just a little different. Like HennyPenny said, it's important to take the time to stop and smell the roses! Nice one.

Maybe not everything. I've always loved to watch babies and little kids. You can learn so much from the little ones. I still enjoy sun rises and sunsets and it's silly, but my heart still races when I see a lilac bush in full bloom. There are the things, like watching TV shows, that have lost their charm. The older I get, the more I marvel at the little things. Today my rose bush gave off it's first rose, fragrant, milky white with a peach blush in the center. The bush keeps giving me glorious roses in spite of neglect. Right now my life is in the toilet (that's a crude way of putting it, but it's so aptly desc<x>riptive I couldn't resist), but I have memories of better days and even though they're gone, the memories remain to comfort me. I have my precious grandchildren, I know they will grow and become indifferent teeners, but for now, they love their grannie so much and they warm my heart. The troubled period will eventually pass 'this, too, shall pass' and I won't recall it. I will instead remember the small things that helped get me through. A final cup of coffee (another of my pleasures) and then to bed. Peace to all.