Call me misogynistic but I truly don't. Most of them are so annoying and superficial. I despise the girls I have to work around/with every day. I try to be as polite as possible in all social situations but sometimes I feel like just beating the crap out of one of those b----y, irritating, shallow girls I have to see every day.
Girls are such mean, selfish creatures. They expect men to do everything for them, to pamper them. Not my cup of tea. I wouldn't lavish a girl and feed her inflated ego... that'd be a nightmare for me. I think most females these days need a reality check. They seem not to realize that real life relationships aren't supposed to be like the fairy tales they read as little girls.
Girls are so immodest these days too. Why do they get a free pass for wearing revealing skirts and dresses while men have to wear drab, loose clothes every day? I swear, society is ***-backwards when it comes to gender....
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Well, men always sexually harass them, which makes it more than even. There are tons of jerks, you just notice the female ones more because many people have a bit of prejudice against the other gender, which the women who **** you off have on you, and you have on them.

100% agreed. I'm lucky I'm not one of those girls and neither are my friends. Its hard to find a girl that has good quality to them and isn't a stuck up, slutty, horrible attention w****.