LYING For No Reason

My boyfriend lies constantly, sometimes its just funny. He will lie when there is no reason to lie. Like one time he told one of his cousin's he just inherited $10,000. There was no purpose for that! He lies to me probably everytime he talks to me. I hate my lying man.
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2007

Typical unfotunately.

Sounds like we have quite a bit in common.....I'm starting to wonder if my boyfriend has some sort of mental disorder which causes the lying and cheating?!?! It's so stupid when everything is a lie. He too lies about little things that are pointless such as, a story he heard on the news or something that happend at work....or he will change the story around to make it sound more dramatic than it really it. He's worse than a female! Even myself and all of the females I know don't do that! There is a time in a mans life when he needs to grow up and get over the cheating and lies. If he can't, then, he'll realize it's alittle to late from his female companion when she's no longer there for him to yell at and lie to or cheat on!