If Only They Could Be Punished

People who lie are, very likely, the worst human beings on the planet.  Yes, there are many types and levels of lies - but in general, liars are the biggest ******** to ever evolve.  The fact that they exist, live, thrive, and succeed because of deception proves to me that there can't be a God, unless that God just really likes to screw with people.

Someone once tried to argue with me that those who believe the lies are guilty too.  But taking something on good faith shouldn't be a crime.  I guess I won't win at the game of life because I'm not a creation of my own imagination.  Or a total douchebag.

There's something satisfying about catching someone in a lie though.  They tend to sneak away and slither into the ****-filled crevice from whence they came.  Or to be blunt - they stay the f*** away from you.  You're robbed of a certain sort of vengeance or satisfaction, but who said life was fair?

For now, I'll have to be content with dreaming of the liars of the world getting their toenails pulled out with tweezers. their eyes pecked out by ravens, their bowels perpetually failing them, and maybe - one day - the life they build up on their lie catches up to them and they lose everything.  I've seen it happen twice, and it feels damn good to see someone duly punished.

I may not be a good person for admitting this, but I never said I was good.  At least I'm honest about it.

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Agree totally.<br />
I think about punishments too.<br />
Then I remember karma

The Babel Fish is something from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - a favorite book of mine.<br />
<br />
I have similar people at work who are grossly incompetent, but lie and use people to get ahead. Hey - they don't have a problem living with themselves.

What is a Babel Fish, and how does it prove the non-exsistence of God? Just wondering?<br />
<br />
In regards to liars, I agree. They slither through life saying whatever it takes to get ahead and hurting others in the process. They don't get caught often, and yes, they often reap the rewards of life as a result of the stories they tell. My boss has lied her way into a position she is completely incompetent at, and lies to keep the job daily, making herself look good and others look bad. She will retire with a full pension, and the state will be sad to see her go, but the few of us who are honest, and work hard will probably throw a party of a different kind.

Right. I guess I just imagine the liars, for the most part, getting ahead in life and reaping rewards for being the way they are. Guess I should get a pair of rose-colored-glasses to match everyone else's.<br />
<br />
I don't expect others to fully understand my faith, or lack thereof. Besides - the Babel Fish proves the non-existence of God, so my rant is a moot point. :-)<br />
<br />
We can agree on the part about liars. Gladly. The rest, we'll have to disagree on. But I do so respectfully. As respectfully as I can in this anonymous world, anyway.

We are in agreement. Liars are about the lowest form of life there is. However, We fail to see how the existance of liars, has anything to do with the existance of a God. As far as We know, God despises them too.

Agreed - I agree with dopecounselor. I have told white lies before - so I am not without shame, but I really try not to.

I've been caught in similar situations. My mind may wander, but at least I'm honest.<br />
<br />
And trust - that's one of those things that I don't try to rebuild with someone. Ever.<br />
<br />
I know better. :-)