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Math and I have never gotten along and we never will. It's OK, I've made my peace with getting by with the bare minimum as far as math is concerned. If I need help in figuring something out, I turn to the old trusty internet to help me breakdown solutions to certain irritating problems.

Oddly enough, I am great at knowing a person's exact age at the sheer mention of the year of their birth. I don't need a moment to calculate that year with the current's just something I know, or something my head worked out a long time ago! My mind automatically knows that if a person was born in 1934, he or she will be 78...but since we're in the new year, they'll most likely be turning 79 very soon if they haven't already.

Somehow, my mind is able to flip the last 2 numbers of the birth year as an age. So, instead of it being 1934, I see 34. Since my current age is right around that number, it's easy for me to compute that a person who is 34 was born in 1979. The last 2 numbers in that year represents the age of a person born in 1934. I can do it for all ages, not just ages around my birth. For someone who was born in 1922, they will be 91 years of age this year, just as a person who was born in 1991 will be 22 years of age.

I am not great at math, but if you need to know someone's age quicker than you can blink, I can help you out. It's probably something everyone can do, I've just never talked about my fast age results with anyone before. Well, I tried to tell a friend once, but she got confused and then called me nuts for explaining my method!
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Math was and is my worst subject.

Here here....I HATE IT! :)

I STILL hate math! But you got mad skills in the age guessing department

I hate it too, but at least this makes me feel like I know a little somethin'! Lol!