I Hate Something Like This

I had a bf, we were going out for 2 months and he asked me if I want to go to visit his friends who are living in the countryside. While we were going his mobile rang and he began talking strange things like "how is she? is she tired after working whole night? Im coming, lets meet on the Axx road. Your car is BMW with dark windows?". Then with a serious face he said "I am going to sell you. I tried you, you are not bad, so now you are going to be a ... " And blah blah blah. And in the middle of the road, no buildings around only fields, I saw BMW with dark windows and a man standing beside. We stopped. Everything seemed too realistic, I was scared but was trying to stay calm. It appeared that it is his friend and they met because my bf doesnt know where he lives so he asked to come and guide him. We went to their house, there was a normal family, everything was ok but I couldnt stay with such a man. Such jokes arent funny at all, I lost the trust in him. We separated after a week or so.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Well sorry about about the bad joke and the break up .But i dont like ambiguous jokes cus i feel like if u got something vulgur and crude to say then say it. Dont hide behind the act of joking and not just say what you mean . What a feeling i guess lol.

well,i can uderstand you,i guess you were scared,and such jokes are not so funny...