I Am Not Into Loud & Power Anything Like This That Rock Music Is Yeak!

I am not into this Loud and Power Type Music. Anything like this that is the genre's of Rock type Music is: Yeak! ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

I am into mellow, slow, quiet, tranquil, inspirational, blissful and mystical Vedic type's of genre Music. Ambient Music without Vocal. A Chorus that isn't subliminal, but adds to the Ambiance for the means of a haunting and mystical additation is OK.

But anyone liking to this Loud and Power (Crap) Rock music of any kind, will have to leave me alone on this. We are not Kindred Spirits with this source of aesthetics in this Life. We Clash and are in Antithesis for being together in this stuff. The Stuff that makes me 1% different with the other 99% mainstream of others in this world. So do not Stereotype me as with the others. I am not like these others.


Yeah! Being An Alien and Not Like Others On This Planet Earth ... I happen to be .01% from 99.99% of those in Antithesis with me.
So what do I get from this? ...

"Oh! My! You Are Different!"

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Aug 20, 2011