I Kicked My Narc Out. Now What?

He told me that he was leaving in 1 year. Then in 2 months. But I was suppose to have sex and enjoy the moment because he wouldn't be here long. I was so devistated because we've been together for 26 years give or take a few years. He left when I wanted to go to XXXXXXXX out of the country for work to make money so we could be a house because he was out of work because of a construction accident and I was tired of renting. He was taking care of my 16 year old daughter, who told me he was bearly home at night. TO cut this short, I've been finding all kinds of his written info on one women or another and its so like a narc to put down stuff like "your my angel" I'll love you forever. Why..........would someone do that. what is wrong with him. He also says, your lucky cause I never hit you, or molested your children. But the thought just makes me sick. Is this suppose to be a PLUS. I have 3 girls and one son. He only fathered the last girl. I've always worked so as not to burden him financially, even though he put me in backruptcy for 50K because he was going to fullfil his dream. I should have gotten the clue when we were first married and I found out his military discharge was other than Honorable. Well he's gone now. I feel lonely, even though I'm on 50 and so is he. I pray that I can find a relationship in my life, all my kids are gone, and everyone says why was I ever with him, but I Loved him truly. Help

46-50, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Hang in there. I know it's hard to be alone, It will all fall into place for you, just give it time.