A Self-improvement Class I Won't Be Returning To Anytime Soon


It was definitely a class I needed, but I can't see myself regularly returning to. The self-work just got so emotional, and I don't really know the people in the class very well. It was highly uncomfortable to allow myself to cry in front of everyone during the exercises. I haven't felt myself struggle to contain myself like this in years.

I hated crying in front of my therapist. This isn't much different.

I do require a lot of self-work, but if it's going to require tears too, I think I'm going to leave the self-work at HOME.
crazypitz crazypitz
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1 Response Jul 18, 2012

Don't you see that running away from the situation is the way you perpetuate your own weaknesses? That is to say, you're encouraging yourself to not be comfortable around others, because you don't force yourself to be around others. The point of the class, and of a therapist, is to cry without judgment. You don't let yourself face that, so you will never recover.

You can't do this at home; that is an excuse. It's hard, yes. I know it is damn hard. But you have to force yourself through to make breakthroughs.

well, this would be true, if this was a therapist's class. But it's a yoga class, not an environment that I'm guaranteed safety in. But I do understand what you're saying, and I appreciate it.