Bawling... At Work *blush*

Gees Louise!

Monday I was having a really rough morning. Over the past couple weeks my office has been calling into AT&T to get our sales cleared. I was sitting over 13 sales which is a big chunk of money and was just frustrated with the computer system, which was updated the week before and has been giving trouble since. Well that morning was the last straw. I called in to check the status of an order when the rep tells me "no... this order was cancelled because the customer called in and placed another order." I knew this wasn't true because the new order was wrong and the customer had just called me the day before asking what was going on. I could feel the dam about to break and called one of the guys over. I'm the only girl in the office. I calmly told him what the person had said and then handed him the phone for him to straighten it up. During this time the tears were welling up and I needed to get away.

I walked out of the office and just walked around trying to calm down... fighting the tears. When I felt ok, I went back in and found that my co-worker cleared up that order and another for me. I was almost in tears again out of appreciation.

We sat down for the meeting and there were 3 recognitions. I didn't know that mine was the last one. I was being promoted! My manager started talking about me and the time that we have known each other and how I am an inspiration for him. I'm on the verge of tears again. He then calls me up to accept my recognition. I get up there and it was too much. I BURST into tears. I look like Alice from Alice in Wonderland when she is too big to get through the door and is uncontrolably bawling! Tears are streaming, my voice is cracking and I just can't talk at all. I made sure to keep my hair down so no one can see my face... which was the ugly crying face. I finally calm down a little to say what I wanted to say, thank everyone and get back to my chair.

At times, I really hate being emotional. Almost EVERY SINGLE job has seen me cry and I was hoping that this one was one of the few exceptions.

The funny thing is that the day got crazier. I got trapped in my territory, my phone died and almost had an asthma attack at a door because the customer asked if I mind if he smoked I said yes then he lit up. Not to mention the rain that came down on me when I left that house. I was even more touched when a couple of guys in the office called to find out how I was and how my day went. It was an emotional roller coaster of a day! I'm happy it's over!

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anadolu... Thanks Honey! *hugs*

Congrats on your promotion sweetie! Always be your wonderful self :)

*tears* just reading this brought me to the computer lab. *overjoyed*<br />
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DD, Thank you! <br />
Sahira and tulick *hugs* Thank you!

awwww<br />
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Now you made me tear up -GoddessNakiBean. I wish you were working with me when I had my bussiness. You are so special to care so much. <br />
Do you realize how much more alive you are next to most people? Sure you are emotional but GIRL you are ALIVE! Much better to cry then feel numb nothing flat dead nothing. You can love. Hold on because you are going to have more days like that one cause thats who you are...DD