A Conservative Disgrace To The Party's Roots

The modern Republican Party in the US went from being an admirable, progressive, positive force in American politics to a party more like the historical British Tories. Monarchist, elitist and the party of angry rich white men who want to make the elite richer and keep the peasants in line. The GOP has become the party of the few in number and the stupid to paraphrase Eisenhower. It is sad and disgraceful. The only good news is it will almost certainly lead to the party being put out of it's misery like the Whig Party before it.
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That's too bad, it seems that all the Democrats want to do your further impede our rights and Tex us to the point of not being able to live. But have a good day(-:

Women and minority republicans are the same as Roaches for raid....they are dam fools
thanks for the story.

Actually to correct, my party is trying to get a corrupt leader out of power. We want less government involvement in our lives. Obama's greatest "success" of his term, he exempt himself from. Just no. Laws are applied to all. I maybe be of the white ethnicity, and I may have some money, but I am not a man. I know and have the capacity, unlike many, to understand this concept that a lot of countries have seem to forgotten how to do, work and progression. I love a success story of any poor person making it big, that follows those two policies. I further more your accusations about the republicans trying to keep the peasants in line is ridiculous. We want them to work and try to progess. Why should someone else work for you to sit around on your fat *** watching television. No that's not the way it works. You have to work for what you get. You can't be the fastest runner by watching someone else workout. You have to put in the work to be able to grab the title of the best. So sir, you are wrong about me and my party, the republicans of america.

Should have said fail to see

If you look at the Democrat party and feel to see a party of social elitist, race batters, and race mungers not to mention Haters you must be Crazy. I am a Gay Constitutionalist Republican, and my boy friend of two years is black not half black all black!!! Stupid racist are everywhere! You painted an entire party with one brush. Shame on you!!!

The difference is who runs the party and has the real influence. I am sure there are a few Marxists in the Democratic party but they don't run it. And anyone who calls Obama a socialist needs a dictionary. It has gotten so bad life long gay, moderate and other life long republicans are defecting because there is no point in even trying to change it from within. You know you are in trouble when the likes of Pat Buchanan looks like a moderate. The guy who called Canada Canuckistan and wanted to build a wall on the border. Bruce Bartlett called the GOP the party of right wing fringe crazies.

You said it!

Yup....you got that right!!!

To satirize... let's toast the aristocracy!

Lol. Sounds good to me. :) Now if we could only put an end to the Republicanized CPC up here in Canada we would be making serious progress.

True enough... I'm glad Layton / Mulcair broke the mold in the last election.... for a time this may bring change.

True although Mulcair seems to be dragging the NDP to the centre making them just another Liberal Party with different spelling which could mean more of the same.

Maybe... time will tell. He's got a depth of experience that the other contenders in the party didn't have. And I like his notion (maybe my words) of sustainable ecology.... sustainable environmental practices, sustainable economy, and sustainable social policy/practices. I'm concerned about a couple of hints around his foreign policy like Palestine although was happy to see Dewar lead that one which means he can delegate and live with it. We don't need another Liberal party in my view... that belonged to the last century! And there won't be another alternative besides the ndp federally in my lifetime that will make government... this time or next time, or the time after that.

My 2 cents worth... o that's right.. my nickel's worth. (hang on to your copper, just for fun.)

You make some great points but during the NDP leadership race to me Mulcair proved he his willing to sell out (when he threw labour under the bus) to get into power. To me that is how the Liberals became a party that stood for nothing and was willing to champion anything that kept them on top much like the Democrats and Republicans south of the border.

So I missed the labour under the bus part

When he was running for leader when Jack died he basically abandoned the party's union supporters to "modernize" the party.

For me the runner-up opponent characterized that but I didn't see the evidence. I was at the convention that elected Broadbent leader (voted for another candidate, no matter) and I was quite offended the way he spoke about Mulcair's supporters. Anyways, I'll follow up on this later probably. I think we have a different takes on this piece, and that's ok.

We probably do. This time around there seemed to be a group of candidates on both sides of this issue. I like alot of things mulcair has done but I am just worried by some of his positions including his foreign policy like you mentioned. I suppose it is partly up to us Canadians to keep our politicians honest.

On that we agree... and even though the ndp has had charismatic leaders like Douglas and Layton, the party still has some democratic (and bureaucratic!) structures, so there are some tools!

good point!

Hazah! lol

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The greediest , loudest and most vocal advocates of forced sharing are generally those with nothing to give.

What are you talking about?