The Week After Winter Break

            it has been quite the week for me. Things have been bad good, painful and painless. it started off on Tuesday.
            I was in my purple skinny jeans my black and gray striped shirt and  black vest. It was the end of the day and I was at my locker. When I stood up I realized that the hallway had cleared out. Thinking that I was late for the bus, I ran. I saw the buses were starting up so I ran over to my bus, and ran onto it. by doing so my right hand went forward and hit the handle of the fire extinguisher. There was a lot of blood. But it is strange considering that it was only my pinkie that got a small scratch on it. When I got home my brother decided to tell me how LGBT people don't deserve the same rights as straight people because they are disgusting. (By the way, he knows i am a lesbian.)
           Later that night my best friend texted me saying that he kissed a girl. The first problem with that, is that he is gay. The second problem is that when he told me who it was, my entire stomach twisted up and I felt like i was going to cry. Turns out I like this girl.
           Then yesterday I had a doctors appointment. And what he said I had was either a swollen salivary gland, asysst, or cancer of the mouth. And so I am freaking out and completely scared. That I might be that person. The adopted fifteen year old goth lesbian with cancer. I don't want to be that person. And when i was dropped back off at school it was the only thing I could think about as I sat in Biology making a paper model of DNA.
           Later that night, when I was climbing up onto my bed to write, the ladder of the bunk bed swung out from underneath me and I fell to the ground with the ladder falling on top of me. My wrist got scraped up and I now have multiple bruises all over my body and all of my muscles are sore. 
           it has not only been a mentally exhausting week but also physically exhausting. I am prepared to sleep all weekend and not change out of my pajamas.

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