Can I Kill Him?

sitting at lunch today doing nothing but playing a card game with a friend when this jerk near the end of the game walks up to us and pushes our decks across the table laughing. With him are a bunch of his friends who laugh as well. Well I got pissed off and screamed at him **** YOU MORRIS!!!!!! As he is walking off laughing. Well A teacher told me I had to go to the office cause of that. Well being a pissed off chick I was I wanted to cuss the teacher out but I knew better then that so I went. Luckily I didn't in trouble but Morris is. If he does it once more he's getting written up. Also we both are in JROTC. Which is hold with great respect in my town so I told LTC Black about it and he is havign me write down what happened (Like now) So that he can put a stop to it.
Wildwillow Wildwillow
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school suck yes but look around what will you become with out an education <br />
do you really want to just have kids and be beat by others with out an education youhave no idea where you will be<br />
<br />
<br />
it is not like when i was a kid me and my wife both worked jobs were every were if you di not have one you did not want one<br />
we had plans for ater school and we worked hard to have the money to go to school