I Like Long Hair

I just do.

It is my preference but I really don't like to see short hair on women.

Something about long hair on a woman makes her more beautiful, sensuous, alluring.

It doesn't matter if it is blonde, red, brown, black or grey.  I like long hair.

Of course, this is just my opinion and I'm sure there are many men out there that like short hair on women but I'm not one of them.
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4 Responses May 13, 2012

Women are funny about their hair. I actually like my wife's better when it's short because it has less of a tendency to try and choke me when we're sleeping. After many discussions about it the last few years, I don't bug her too much about it. As long as she never changes the color, I probably won't ever say much to her about how she decides to style it.

Choked by hair. Thankfully, I haven't experienced that. Wilde had very long hair which I loved. She wore her hair in such a way that it didn't interfere with our sleeping. I was away when she cut her hair and I heard about it before I came home. I wrote this story because I was upset that she cut her hair. She never mentioned to me that she was going to cut her hair so it surprised me. We've been together for a very long time and she only gets it trimmed to keep it healthy. To see it go from beyond her butt to just shoulder length shocked me.

I was with Stella when she cut hers the first time, so it wasn't too big of a shock. Now, the day she went in to work with hair halfway down her back and came home with a pixie cut...that was a little surprising.

I'm sorry, but that's just funny. One sometimes doesn't know from where a story might emanate. I would never have guessed this one! All my girls have long hair until they're old enough to make the choice for themselves. So far, all that have reached that age have opted OUT of the long hair and have chosen very practical-length hair -- either just at or within an inch of their shoulders. And, having just done my eldest daughter's hair for senior pictures, she decided that I'm no longer allowed to "play with" her hair. Apparently, my up-do's are a bit hard on their skulls. Ah but she looks beautiful.... even WITH a thousand bobby pins holding her skull together.

I'm confused. I don't understand the humor. I wrote this story because I was upset that Wilde cut her hair.

The humor was not in your feelings over your loved one having cut their hair. The humor was in the sentence, "one sometimes doesn't know from where a story might emanate." THAT was what was funny. I read your post and wasn't going to comment. People like all sorts of things and prefer a great variety of things. I read the post because someone in my circle read it and my circle has some really bright, and interesting people -- what THEY find interesting I usually find interesting. I meant no offense. But the post seemed off-the-cuff. It seemed to be a short bit of prose about your preference for longer hair. WildSpectrumArts reply caught me off guard because I never considered for one moment that you were upset. Your feelings are not funny and I was not mocking you or poking fun. But, the story seemed to be about you describing something you love about a woman, an attribute you appreciate. I seem to be incapable of properly expressing myself here -- a new issue with which I am unfamiliar in how to manage. I meant no offense.

I was just confused by the comment. No offense taken.

As long as a woman isn't bald, then I'm ok with it. Short hair or long hair, it doesn't matter to me. A woman should look like a woman.

You really need to get over it. I cut my hair for a good reason and you know it. <a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Donated-My-Hair-To-A-Good-Cause/2271389" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> Stop being snot over it. My hair will grow back.

I'm sorry. I understand why you cut your hair. It just surprised me to see it cut.