The university that I work at has been doing a lot of renovations over the last few years in an effort to bring old buildings up to date and just make things nicer in general. Recently, they started putting large canvases of photos taken around campus up throughout the foodcourt and into the performance area where our bagel shop is also located. On the back wall of the bagel place, they've placed a 3'x5' canvas of one of the squirrels on campus eating a nut.

Now, in addition to the squirrels terrorizing me on my way to and from my truck, I have to deal with this thing staring me down every time I wander down for a snack. One would think a picture of our school mascots would be more appropriate, and way less creepy.
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But I think they're cute.......even had one as a pet when I was a kid. found the poor baby when it fell out of a tree.

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“You can't be friends with a squirrel! A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit.” ~ Sarah Jessica Parker

That's one of my favorite SATC episodes, lol.

CWS, the students are the biggest part of the problem as far as controlling the squirrels. There are a lot of stray cats that hang out in the parking garages, but the pigeons keep them pretty well fed.

That would be about right, lol.

Do they know your dislike of squirrels?? Sounds like a bad joke. lol