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"Tattoo.  What a loaded word it is, rife with associations to goons, goofs, bikers, tribal warriors, carnival artists, drunken sailors and floozies." ~Jon Anderson

I joined this group a few days ago and noticed that it only had one member. Surely I'm not one of only two people on EP that dislike tattoos. I know I'm the minority, but I can't possibly be in that tiny a minority. I understand why some people wouldn't want to actually come out and admit to disliking tattoos, though. It's not an acceptable opinion to hold these days, since most people like to view their tatt's as "body art" and are therefore very emotionally attached to it. Well, being a mother of 3 young children, I know all about body art.. only thankfully, in their case, the art they put on their bodies typically washes off with soap and water.

It isn't that I have something against people who get tattoos. I don't. It isn't even that I have something against self expression or the "art" work of tattoo's in general. What I dislike is the fact that tattoo's are essentially colorful scars that can never, ever be removed. The laser removal process can only remove some of the coloring but the actually scarring itself is there for life. And frankly, I find it unaesthetically appealing as well, because while I can appreciate that some people find tattoo's attractive, I am the opposite of those types. For me, the sight of a tattoo, *especially* one of the cliche' ones around the biceps or on the small of the back, is a sign of a lemming and I've never been attracted to impressionable people.

Ironically, however, the typical tattoo'd individual will view their tattoos as a sign and expression of their individuality and will often become very offended if anyone dares imply anything to the contrary. And while I mean no harm, and no offense whatsoever, I can only respond to that by saying that there are a million different ways to express one's self without scarring one's own skin for life. I would never try to tell others what to do, but I would be lying if I said that whenever I find that one of my friends has given in to the peer pressure to join the crowd and get a tattoo, my heart sinks with disappointment. I'll just never understand why it's all of a sudden become practically a rite of passage to get "inked" in some way, shape or form.

Having said all of that, I've never rejected a person or prevented myself from forming a relationship or friendship with them based on how they choose to adorn themselves, tattoo's or otherwise. My ex-husband had a tattoo. My ex boyfriends after him did. My sister has several and pretty much every one of my friends does as well. They all know my sentiments on the matter, but they also know that those sentiments don't stop me from loving them unconditionally and fortunately for me, that seems to be enough for them. :)

As for myself, I know that one can never truly say "never", but be that as it may, I sincerely hope that I don't ever feel a need to get ink shot into my skin. If this fact makes me less attractive to some people, well.. so be it. No harm done. And to anyone reading this who may be considering a tattoo someday, I shall leave you with a few very wise words. Heed them well.

"Think before you ink." - Author Unknown
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You're not alone. It's my belief that tats are a form of self-mutilation; along with the bizarre piercings and guaged ears. It's said that "tats are addictive", and most people with tats will whole-heartedly cheer their agreement there. Addicted to what? The endurance of pain?<br />
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Life is about moving forward; staying in constant forward motion. To me, some tats are blatantly shown to be 'badges of pain'... a lost loved one; for example. I would only imagine that serves to lock someone down emotionally in the moment. A constant reminder. I would imagine that makes it more difficult to be constantly moving forward.<br />
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I'm just not a "follower".... of anything. I don't have a need to be identifiable visually from afar to any certain group. I would never even consider subjecting my body to the risks of ink. I think there are too many homeless people in this world to waste a penny on things like tattoos. It's like those kids don't understand the value of a dollar these days, for one thing. Most of them nary have money for the things they need, but they can afford to "ink" themselves?<br />
<br />
Maybe I'm just getting old; then again, tattoos were around when I was a kid. They've been around for generations and in many cultures, of course. I spent years as a child trying to decipher exactly what my grandpa's tattoos were supposed to be. One day I finally asked him, and he replied, "Oh, those? Those are pictures of the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. If I'd have had any real idea how they would look when I got old? I'd have never gotten them." That stuck with me.

Hear, hear, tg. :)