Okay Call Me Crazy..

On a right woman, bra strap look just fine.. It's those some who are not dressed prim and proper who give bra strap a bad name.. Personally I am am cool.. Most of the time I don't need to wear bra but as I am maturing I am finding more and more need to wear bras..
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Agreed although these days some tops are designed for the bra strap look almost the bra straps are supposed to be part the outfit and personally I dont like that

The bra strap look should depend on the woman, the outfit and if the outfit suits her.
A woman in her 40s should not be dressing like a teenager etc

Don't panic. You don't HAVE to wear a bra, be comfortable with yourself.

Hmm unfortunately yes sometimes a bra is needed. And yes sometimes it is very sexy to see a bra. Ok so you made me admit it.
So try a shelf bra mmm i like those.

With some of us bras are very nessecary..but I do agree..sometimes the hint of a little black bra strap can be a tease..but never would I ever just let my bra strap show!

Agrees with you, sometimes a little hint of bra straps or the impression of bra clasp showing through in the back.. is all that's needed to get men's attention.

sexuality is a very personal thing. It works in different ways for each individual, and each person attracted. That is the beauty of real life and the failing of playboy. Don't make yoursely into the image og anyone else's ideal. Be your own sexual self.

I am not necessarily against bra straps I am against bras all together!

I hear you, but women do need to wear bras.. without support they sag and for heavy breasted women, not wearing them cause back problems, ugly postures and the rest.

Still don't like them! ;)

Thats somehow very sad

I to like to see a bra strap for the reason of that if it is showing the shirt is lose and it let the mind wonders if I just pull her shirt down a bit it could just fall off, I could rip it off her easily, they continue but I do not believe I could ever indulge my imagination on a stranger or a friend who would not want it done to her. While the bra is a nice look a better one is nothing at all as her thin shirt seems to keep falling off onto her arm, she catches it just barely, that is as far as I write or I may have to leave but I believe you all can see what I am thinking<br />
<br />
Sincerely, Country

Bras are sexy and it is fun to see a woman in one.I like lacy types,shinny silk looking ones,mesh material types etc.I just like women in clothes.

Hi Julie, Many a times brastraps don't look elegant especially in formal setting, but in casual affairs matching bra color with sexy top is a turn on for many men. It needs to be done in good taste so they look nice with body shape. I whole hearedly agree if the bra color don't match with the top and the woman is wearing them without care. The group picture the woman in white top looks elegant to me, what you think?

Sunshine, its okay if they peek out and no it's not annoying, it's part of our accessories.

Couldn't agree with you more, that's exactly is my point..

They would not have such an incredible amount of beautiful bras to chose from, if they were not meant to be seen by many...<br />
Think about men's boxers, not meant to be seen by many...

Believe it or not the bra strap thingy for the straps in the back work great to keep the straps in under a tank top , And helps the cleavage too ;)

Rather than wear a bra, I'll lend you a couple of hands.

Jo, I agree with you one hundred percent, back strap exposure is trailer trash, shoulder straps worn nicely some times feels erotic to us too. C and bigger cups do need support or gravity would take it's toll, these boobs not gonna hold up on their own. lol

Keep those bras in the drawer as long as you can. When they must come out, the shoulder straps are ok, but the back strap exposed is just trailer trash.

if u dont want to show dont show ur bra straps ... if u want show .. those who want let them show .. dont do ur moral policing .. i personally find it very kinky . " to flash ons brassiere strap " <br />
cheerzz :)

bra straps showing is sexyyyyyyyyyyyy ..

@Thomas, like I said , on a right woman, bra straps look sexy and of course what they support makes all the more revealing. Thank you for not finding them offensive.

I am indifferent on seeing a womans bra strap or seeing her bra though the back of her shirt. If she was wearing a contrasting color bra than her shirt and if it was made of lace or something then it would be different. Most of the time women wear plain bras.

Braless for sure! Straps are trashy.

Id rather avoid bra straps altogether by just not wearing a bra!

@SBS, I am flattered, thanks.<br />
@SL, You couldn't find a better place to work. Hope you offer them a free refill.

Yes to see a bra strap or the back side of a thong on a woman is so tantalizing. I work in a coffee shop next to a high school and when you see some of the ways these girls dress <br />
you could walk around with a har on all day.<br />
<br />

bra is ok if the nipples area is removed....as for the straps showing i dont like that look at all....kevin

Hi people I work in a coffee shop right next to a high school and the girls all wear a mixture of bras the thing I do not understand is why they wear a normal bra and then a sports bra over top and then a blouse or shirt. They do not really care what you see and we all know that women of all ages dress to attract the male. Some do get embarassed coming up to the counter to order their food when I am there but they know who processes there order the fastest so they just come and do it. <br />
<br />
LOVE Samantha

I love seeing a bra strap I find it sexy and it shows that the woman has confidence in her own sexuality to say I am sexy. I especially love a glimpse of lace

Oh yes hon, so very sexy. Wish I could look as good as them!

Any woman wearing cami under the tank top doesn't really know hot to dress well. Let along la<x>yers of straps and if she is going to school add backpack straps.. shaking my head..<br />
<br />
Jessica, you are absolutely right about summer attire.. <br />
<br />
What you think of the women shown in the group profile .. !! They look pretty dang sexy , don't they.

I do find them sexy, being able to tell what color they are wearing, and sometimes thinking, hey, I'm wearing the same color under my male clothes!<br />
<br />
But what I don't understand though is the la<x>yered look. I mean you see the bra strap, then the spaghetti strap of a cami, then the tank top strap over that. Isn't that too hot in the summer to wear all those la<x>yers?

Okay tell me if the girls on group picture look cheezie.. I beg to differ.. then again I am not arguing..

So what you think of bra straps showing on their shoulders.. it all depends, right? Take if from here..

Agrees with you, bra back should never be exposed on the back.. That's just not a good sight for anyone. On the other hand bra back impression showing through the tight top, is sure enticing. What you say, Steamer.

Sometimes I get VERY embarrassed when someone notices my bra straps showing (blush)

Sabrina, you are so right, thanks for clarifying things for everyone.

It's all a matter of what you are wearing, isn't it. Formal wear and bra straps are just not right. But casual wear and the strap... why not? I think the rules for men's t-shirts are the same.... you don't want to see them when he is in a suit, but with a sports shirt, fine. Same thing with us.

I must agree with Rex and tj, seeing a glimpse of a bra strap, the clevege and bra, or nipple is extremely sexy and most exciting. With the many colors, patterns and styles of bras, if I were a women I would be flashing glimpses all the time. More than once I have gotten hard from seeing just a hint of bra lace, and sometimes it's the panties. I often wonder why did she pick this bra or panties to wear today?

Right answer, Rex.. more power to you. We like to be admired from the distance so as not be embarrassed wearing some cleavage or tight clothing... thank you

Rex, do you ever get a hard on if you let's say sitting in public transportation and there is this women in some revealing clothing.. a bit of bra, a bit of stocking at the thigh and a bit of cleavage.. Honest !!!

I am with TJ on this one.. thank you TJ for men's perspective.. you may find my other stories provocative.. see if you like them.

I don't know why, but I find showing bra straps sexy... Sure I like it when a woman doesn't wear a bra and you can see her nipples poking at her shirt. But seeing the bra strap on her shoulder or the strap on their arm at armpit level is sexy too, pretty much agreeing with what Bonnie said up there. Sorry Veronica I also don't mind women who wear dark colored bras with light colored shirts so you can see it clearly, if they want me to see their bra I won't complain lol. Well sometimes it might look weird, but I don't mind it most of the time. Apparently I just love it how you want to do it, bra showing, bra less or even a shirt so light I can see your bra under clearly.

TJ - I agree! If you want us to catch a glimpse, than let us catch a glimpse. I love the surprise when you can see a bra showing through a shirt, and I do find that more attractive than no bra at all. I'm right on there with ya!

BTW, I am also cool with bra straps showing around the arm pit on just the right woman. Again call me weird.. or something.. but that's just me..<br />
<br />
Guys love to see flashes of bra straps on shoulder or the band around arm pits.

I think its perfectly fashion acceptable to show straps on the shoulder. It's a way to tease, and get some attention, it's something for the guys to admire and wonder what the rest of it looks like. From my perspective, the gal's who arn't afraid to show some straps every once-in-a-while are the one's who are most secure in themselves and their appearance, and that all add to the attractiveness!

LOL.. PIX.. GUYS may just like their eyes poked..

why the heck not!

I have to wear a bra or I'm likely to poke someones eye out LOL!!! ;-) Darned high beams....