I Just Don´t


Call me old fashioned if you want ( psst... I really don´t care ) but I don´t consider fashionable to expose your underwear and I find this "look" quite unattractive and in poor taste.

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6 Responses Mar 15, 2010

It's absolutely tacky.

It depends. Awhile back, I sewed sequins on my straps just in case they showed. I mean, if there's a chance they will show, may as well be pretty!<br />
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But I agree, some women seem to show straps deliberately!

Being a male, I have to agree with the comments that it tends to make a woman look trashy or at least lazy. But, there are somethings that I don't mind seeing, such as the straps of a sexy camisole. That's just my opinion.

Oh, I just miss the "Flashdance" years....

I agree. It just looks lazy.

I don't get it at all. :-/