Just Don't Get It....

       It has been storming here in Pensacola for a few days now, it has been gloomy and horrible outside.  I was thinking about all the stories I have read about people loving thunderstorms, I just don't get it.. Other  than cuddling in bed with someone and feeling safe. Lets see, Crashes of thunder, lot  of noise to me, some times it will creep up and scary the heck out of you, sending a piercing chills down your spine..And then it's all the rain, OK, I like the rain,you can just see nature rejoice with it's intake of water. The lightning, I can see where people say it's cool looking and just the source of it's origin is interesting, but every time I see a bolt of lightening I pray it has not hit and killed or damaged  any one or thing.. Gosh, how destructive lightning is, how many lives are lost each year. To me it's like saying , " I love a good car accident", " Love a big Hurricane",  I just don't get...    Just one persons opinion...

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9 Responses Mar 27, 2009

I don't like the destruction but I do love the storms... the strength of the wind, the beauty as the sky lights up with such magnificent force, the smell of it coming in and then a wall of water just falls in front of you washing and cleaning the world around me. Sorry... I'm a weather freak and always have been. <br />
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...but no I do not like the destruction. Moderation with everything is always a good thing.<br />
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xoxo to you always

I really need to but that is easier said than done...

Let your body tell your mind to bogger off sometimes... LOL

My body tells me that some days, but my mind tells me, your burning day light, there are places to go, people to see and things to do...It makes a pretty persuasive argument.

Thats ture but some days you just need that lazy day in bed.... no guilt needed...

Now who said I would wait, it just gives you an excuse to remain in bed with less guilt..

Yeah I have been in 3 tonadoes and one house stike with lighting and no its not fun.....<br />
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Heck why wait for the rain for the cuddling... LOL.....

Thanks, I thought I was alone.... I have read a lot of glorifying stories about thunderstorms and I just can't see it and don't understand it... But the cuddling is nice..; )

Yeah I hate them also....