Don't Touch Me!

I really can't stand to be touched or for people to get close to me. People who know me and know still hug me and such just because they know it irritates me. This one girl who bothers me so much will put her hand on my leg or arm just to drive me crazy. I can't fight back because I'm opposed to violence. Even my family does it but they say they do it to "cure" me. I don't buy it.
americancommie americancommie
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 3, 2007

wow interesting, k so its like me to.. someone gets close i back away cause its like dont wanna be close and if someone does touch me its like "dont touch me" and if someone wants a hug its like a quick hug there you go and now back away outta my huge personal space bubble

I don't buy it either, it just makes you more angry. Everyone has limits that are different in their interaction with everyone else. That should be respected