Everytime I Go To Facebook...

...I get inundated with people who want to chat. I feel like I am on a public stage, and it just makes me feel weird.  I don't like the way faceb. works. either. It seems so impersonal. I have been a lot of places on the internet to socialize, that one is the worst format I have ever seen. Why, I can not describe! It just bothers me.

I wrote a story here already, but it got lost. Sorry, this story sucks and lacks detail now. Bummer. I don't like losing stories, I should know better than to write them in this space instead of in word or notepad. Ah, well, this is supposed to be about Faceb., not EP.

I haven't been to faceb. for a while, and probably won't go for a while more. About once a week is enough for me!

LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
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5 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I just wanted to say to Leisa that there is an option to turn off the chat. I do it almost every time I use facebook because mostly I just play games...NOT farmville or any of the other ones that you have to go to everyday or your crops die etc., anyway just saying, it is an option so you don't get bombarded with chat. Mostly I only use the inbox message setting, that way I decide who I want to talk too.

I keep getting friend requests from folks I never heard of. I go to FB once a month at this point. I look at other friends' writings and don't get jazzed by it, and I'm a very curious person! I never thought about chatting with people there.... It would be hard to do.

You're right Escher, I think that is the main problem with Faceb., it's just not personal enough! Who cares if they're making brownies, I want to know what kind, who they are making them for, and how they feel about it! hahaha

Just make your profile an unattractive obese woman and nobody will bother you anymore. :)

i'm with you--facebook makes me ill with the way people behave. to me it feels like a playground full of very pathetic, immature drama. i've been staying away from there most of the time lately. when i don't go on, i feel so much less crazed!