In a Really Bad Way...

my impulsiveness is probably the reason I'm where I'm at right now...the broke uncertainty, but I know I wouldn't take any of it back, not in the least. I decided one Friday night I would go to Venezuela and was on a plane the next day. I wasn't really sure about doing it, and my parents very certainly were not happy, but it was a great experience. I spend money that I shouldn't and call people instead of waiting, and in me it has created a sense of urgency for just about everything except what I actually have to do.
    I'm still working on that part. It is hard to try to crush my impulsive side while maintaining any sense of urgency for the things I actually have to do.
    Meh, what comes will comes, as soon as I get off my ***, right?
KarmaFred KarmaFred
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1 Response May 17, 2007

It's amazing, what adventures impulsiveness can set us upon. I'm actually quite jealous of you. =) Urgency in life is usually not a bad idea. After all, carpe diem. Sometimes, when I see in the obits that someone died hang-gliding or climbing Everest for a lark, I think, "At least they went with a bang and did what they wanted to do." Me, I'm a plodding pragmatist who reality-checks my whims the moment I get them... so the adventures I have a few and far between! :P