Well In Specific.....

Delivery men

that were to be here yesterday

I watched them turn in the gate and drive off without stopping to get in through the gate and wrote donw on thier list 'no access' so has been sent out today again

Each white van that drives outside my window seems to slow down on purpose and then is a florist or a furniture delivery

I want my new phone pleeeeeeeeeeassssse

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4 Responses Mar 27, 2009

I know how you feel. Everytime I order a book I really want from amazon. I sit near my window so I won't misss the delievery guy. Then if he doesn't come I go crazy.

Oh...okay <br />
<br />
So you're only stubborn then?

Flutts... so you're sayin that you're stubborn AND impatient? hehe

Maybe today, your new cell will be delivered!! <br />
<br />
What about getting a lawn chair, packing a lunch and sitting by the gate, so you won't miss the delivery man!! LOL :-)