:i Donot Like To Wake Up Alone In The Morning:

since i have been alone now for 4 months my gf had to go back to connecticut to help her kids and i don,t think she is coming back ,i am used to being next to a women i can,t sleep at all i toss and turn all night if a women were here i would sleep its getting so frustrating to be awake all night. I need to meet a woman out here so i can feel normal again and also sleep. vinny
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

it has to do with her 30 year old daughter using drugs and she also has to watch the 7 year old girl

She left to take care of her kids. Do you like kids ??

yes i like kids i cannot live in cold climates anymore

yyes her daughter is 30 i cannot live in a colder climate now