Kenneth Clarke, Rape Is Rape

The Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke resuurected that myth that there is a distinction between date rape and "serious rape", with violence and an unwilling woman" on Victoria Derbyshire's Radio 5 Live show this morning . Put to him that "rape is rape", he said: "No, it is not."

Mr Clarke was confronted on the radio by Gabrielle Browne, a rape victim who broke down in tears as she denounced the 50 per cent discount proposal as "a disaster". She said she had fought for 688 days to have her rapist brought to justice, only for him to have his sentence reduced for a guilty plea. She told Mr Clarke: "It happened to me. It's a disaster....'.

This is in light of a reprehensible proposal by this already morally bankrupt government to slash jail terms for rapists by up to half in return for a guilty verdict. So, a rapist should be rewarded for admitting his sickening violation?

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I am wry furious here. Clearly this man is not in the position of a victim, so he doesn't know what it's like to be so humiliated and devastated. How can he pronounce like that? In my opinion, rapists should all be killed. If they dare to think of abusing woman just for the sake of their pleasure, they don't deserve to live.

I dissagree but for a different reason then most understand

to me the woird rape need to be throw away and never used i see it all as sexiual assult

people seem to think if youget her drunk it is ok to rape her as she can not say no and you can get a person so turned on they can not say no
so i am not sure if the word rape should ever be used it is plain and CLEAR assult

With respect, I disagree. Of course, it is a sexual assault, but also a complete, violent, violation of another human's body. More than ever, it needs to be clarified, it is rape.

you will do more time for assult then rape

That just demonstrates how the system fails rape victims. It's shameful.

Yes, I would definitely disagree with what he said. Rape is rape; if someone has not given any consent and/or has made themselves clear in the sense they are not willing to have sex with the person, yet the person ignores them and starts using physical force against them, it is most certainly rape.

As every rape case is different there obviously can be some "grey" areas; but fundamentally, it is solely down to the man (or woman) to restrain themselves. Regardless of what their potential victim could be wearing or how they could be acting. People who say that rape is not always rape, only serve to complicate matters, for the victims, and for the judicial system.

Yes, if sex is not consensual, it's rape. End of story.

Proof that the rape culture is alive and creating new victims everyday!<br />
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Don't you love living in a world where there is something such as "grey" rape? <br />
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It is, and I despair of much of the human race at the moment. We are in the 21st century, yet these types of views are becoming ever more entrenched. If I weren't such a humanist, I'd be a misanthrope. This is why every single one of us need to do what we can to counteract the vile, misogynistic culture.

doug, you are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but it is one I fundamentally disagree with. The scenario you describe, as you have acknowledged is rape, it is given without adult consent. The convictions for rape in the UK are shockingly low, and the attitudes of too many help to perpetuate the lie that the victim is somehow to blame, and Clarke's clumsy words did nothing to change the situation.

I agree that rape is about power, as is all forms of abuse, sexual or otherwise. In Briain, we need to do more about the scandalously low rate of convictions for rape, around 6%, which is a shameful indictment of our society and its attitudes.

That's quite shocking hearing a man in his position say something as stupid and idiotic as that.<br />
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In my opinion, rapists (especially ones with a track record) should be locked up and have the key thrown away. Nearly all rapists will repeat offend if given the opportunity. Rape is about power, control, humiliation, etc. and those 'things' will always crave that no matter how much you try to rehabilitate them. It is the same for peadophiloes (those 'animals' should be put to death!).<br />
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Every victim of every crime deserves proper justice. Although I think that rapists, pedos, etc. aren't just being put away in prison for justice for the victim but for the safety of the victim and the rest of the public.<br />
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I wonder if there will ever be a justice system where every victims gets the justice they deserve.