Breaking the Chain of Fear

Recently worked with a woman who had been imprisoned in her own home and physically abused.

Cannot describe the hell she went through.

But she is in the road to recovery. Little steps as small as standing alone on a sidewalk ( with in field of vision of my interns)

Little steps of freedom. Little steps of no fear. Little steps of life. Little steps to the journey of independence.

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Mental abuse is just as bad, and actually its so easy to turn into one of those pathetic victim women, you just dont realise its happened to you until you get some kind of wake up call

She made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A talk with her everyday. Little steps, little steps.<br />
<br />
She will make it.

That is so sad. No one should have to live like that. Glad she got out and is becoming a survivor. I hope her recovery goes well. Blessed Be.