You see to forget one thing,Merikans.Your society is based on slavery and sucking up the blood and sweat of other continents and nations.You commited genocide over Indians and treated black people like dogs - until 40 years ago.
And now you're paying.9-11 is the price you paid for cheap fuel,but it is gonna hit harder.I'm not talking about silly Muslims - your economy is down folks and once you start having economical chaos - you will cause ****.The only nation that had serious intention to use nuclear weapons is US.The world's biggest polluter - chemically and moraly...US.
The thing you don't know is that **** happens ,one can only rely on his own strength and wits.And you have none.You turned into a country of morally and religiously lost fat people,who cry old day about how boring your life is.
You are disgusting.
SaintMaj SaintMaj
41-45, M
May 24, 2012