Little Does He Know...*wink*

He just turned 30. We became friends accidentally. Now, he calls me nearly every other day, so now we are buddies. He wants more, don't they all? His humorous sexual innuendos do not offend, they make me laugh, and I give him points for at least attempting to no avail. We laugh alot together. I enjoy his personality; and he must enjoy mine, because that is all I have to offer him. We have discussed philosophy, met for sushi, played board games, argued about dumb laws, gone swimming, met at iHOP at midnight for coffee, gone on picnics, gone rollerskating, debated the legalization of pot, worked on job hunting, talked on the phone into the wee hours of the morning and the list goes on. We have so much in common intellectually and share similar interests. He is highly educated and a delight to converse with. It's hard to imagine all the years between his and mine. I honestly think it would shock him.

He is so my type. I tell him, "if only you were older." Yeah, I guess that's hypocritical of me. "Ah yes!", he says, "thanks for reminding me yet again. You still have not told me your age!" I laugh and ask, "why is age so important anyway?" "Only because you insist you're 39", he says. "You know I am not 39", I say with a hearty chuckle, sticking out my tongue at him. "Ok, I am over 40", I admit to him. "Duh, he says. You would not be saying you are 39 if you were under 40!" He had me there. It was a lame admission. "Well, how old would you say I was?" Any guy knows you can't win answering that question, but he likes to push my buttons. "Okay, from now on, I am going to assume you are 53 years old". "53!!!!!????", I exclaimed, "I look 53????!!! Really?" He laughs, figuring that number would upset me. "Well, too bad. Since you won't tell me your age, I will say you are 53 until you tell me your true age. I know your son is 20 and your best friend is 42, and you look younger than her, so you have to be around the same age as her." "Eh, if you want to say I am 53, that's fine with me, as long as I don't look 53", I said.

Little does he know, I turn 54 this month. :)
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just remember imathinkin, your only as old as you go feel up that 30 year old!<br />
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Keep it spicy<br />
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So sweet how you said that's baffling how much looks and aging varies as one gets older, how someone can be gray-haired with wrinkles in their 30's, yet there are 60 year olds out there that have great figures, perfect skin, and never saw a doctor for it. But I like what you said about inner beauty...attitude is everything!

Thank you very much for the nice story! Yes, I guess that the appearance or aura of over 50 years women are very diverse Some look like early 30s physically. Some are really attractive regardless her appearance - maybe coming from inner beauty or higher stage of mind set or etc Wonderful!

Well, I think you should return the favor. Find him his own special little nick. ;)

Age....a number...The heart can hide the age quite well....<br />
At age 51 I just hope to get away from the "Papa Smurf" nickname I got from a coworker...

I am not sure how that applies here, but thanks for the quote. <br />
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When erasing someone's sorrows, it's advised to use a rubber. :D However, I am led to be a pencil, so it's not an issue for me.

If u can,t a pencil to write anyone,s Happiness, then try atleast to be rubber to erase somone,s sorrows"

I got carded for alcohol last week. I would like to think it was that I looked young, but I think more places are being more diligent and thorough. I wouldn't want to look THAT young though.

No, you certainly don't. :)

I love it. I'm going to be 51 this September and no one would ever guess it. :-)