Dogs Are Friends, Cats Are Aloof And Unfriendly -- Except When They Want Something

Dogs have been part of the family for thousands of years.

Cats are selfish, do their own thing, when they like. Until they need something.

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5 Responses Mar 8, 2010

DOGS are grateful when you feed them<br />
CATS just accept!<br />
Mind you, I have liked individual cats after i have got to know them!

There is a difference between HAIR and FUR!!!<br />
Towards the end of the war, we were living in Lymington, on the south coast. One day, at abouth noon, a low-flying Typhoon went right over our house, on its way down. It plummeted into the sea, and actually hit the sea bed. But the pilot got out OK.<br />
I belive this was the only time such an escape had been recorded.<br />
They think he had stayed aboard just so it wouldn't crash into a built-up area.

Ha, no, not that old but i love me WW2 aircraft and the Typhoon captured my imagination because it was a much underated aircraft due to early teething problems but went on to aquit itself with honours. The landing speed on a typhoon was greater than a spitfires top speed in flight. I got various books on them and a large fr<x>amed print hanging over the fireplace of two 'tiffies' taking off from a Normandy landing ***** and kicking up a huge dust cloud. I even to the RAF museum at Hendon specificaly to see the only surviving example. I used the name for e.p as it's easy to remember. <br />
I Know there some butt naked breeds of dog but even they have have SOME hair albeit very fine, don't they?

Only a few breeds of dogs have fur. Not enough to be termed "furry people"<br />
Why your name, "Typhoon"? You aren't old enough, surely, to remember Typhoons in their wartime glory?

Tell that to the ancient Egytians, they worshipped cats and what a clever society they were (the egytians, not the cats, cats can't build pyramids!!!). Nope, nuffink wrong wiv cats or dogs or any furry people.