Big Mistake!

I have been going alone to the movies since I was in my teens. I enjoy the whole experience. Personally, I couldn't care less what people around me are thinking because I have a really good time. 
I usually make it a special day some shopping, have a lovely lunch alone with my latest book for company, watch the movie and then wind up with a nice cup of coffee before heading home.
Now that my son is older, we have been going to movies together and I do the kid flicks with him. More serious themes, I go it alone.
Today, I went to see Salt and took my son with me!
Mistake. He has very good movie manners so he quietly watched the whole thing but, on the way back I had to go over the whole Cold War and planting spies thing with him!! Kind of ruined my experience of the movie.
Thank god I watched Inception alone!!!!
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@Neil - I agree completely. A lot of the thrill and excitement is lost on the small screen.

I go to the movies all the time by myself,,its just nicer to see it on the big screen

I find the solo movie experience infinitely superior to being accompanied by my hubby.<br />
Have fun at the movies @Colormevibrant

Heyyyy! I thought *I* was the only solo movieholic! :-) I've never had a problem attending movies on my own. I actually met my husband that way (jury's still out on the merits of that one). <br />
<br />
My girls will attend some shows w/me, but more often go with their friends these days -- so if hubby won't tag along, I head out a "me" day much as you've described: book + coffee + movie = bliss!

me and my brother recently went to 2 midnight showings the first was the newest nightmare on elm street and then Eclipse the Elipse one wasnt fun because for 5 minutes our sound was out and thnen when it came back the movie was like off screen but they fixed it and a week later we went to the driveins and watched it again and our sound sucked again so now wre are waiting for the dvd to come out before trying again

Nothing like a little escape to help a person get through their life

@ gloria - I've gone with my brother when I was younger.Watching the midnight show with him or there was the 3 movie marathon at the end of which we didn't know which plot line was from which story. LOL<br />
Those were good days.

every movie i ever went to see was with my brother then once i went with a friend and it sucked because it wasnt the same as haveing my brother there