Hard to Believe

In any relationship where you shared your heart with another.  It's hard to say I don't miss anything about them.  I caused my wife a great deal of pain in our 8 years, and she still admits that she missed the good times we had.  She misses my good days and that she will always wish things had gone differently.  In a relationship there will be fights, and most of the times cons will out weigh the pros.  To say that you don't miss them though would almost be lying to yourself.  We learn more from the bad than the good.  There's no shame in missing someone.  If you can't be with them, that is another matter.  I have missed everyone I loved.  Those that I've hurt, and those who have hurt me.  It's the experiences that we take away from it that helps us to mold who we are.

sjuochkns sjuochkns
26-30, M
Mar 16, 2009