I Don't Need It!

A few years ago, if you had asked me if I needed a Knight, I would have said, "YES! PLEASE!" But... for a very long while now, I realize that I don't really need a Knight! That's a little too much over the top! XD

All I am looking for is a nice, sensitive guy, who will be kind to me. Someone to cuddle with and cry with (if something hurtful should happen to me). That's all. He's doesn't have to be Superman, anymore. I am no longer looking for the guy in armor, riding in on the white horse.... He could be a Bard riding a donkey. :-)


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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Ms. Lady what not, dont ever say that again ok your putting to much on yourself yes you do need that knight every day ok a night he's a man who wont to make you happy having a job, his own place, his on car and so on it 2010 he will have to be on his feet and not on a couch, friend's house, mother's house or apartment and so on the knight he's out their belive me so look at the big picture at all times Mrs. Smoke

uu am staying alone.. iim done with false hope and lies,, ii dont want it anymore,, ii cant take it,, so ii give up on the hope of ever finding love..