Shut Up

"Stop pushing your religious thoughts on me, I respect your opinions in life but sheesh let me live my life and express myself too!!"

Most of my friends are religious fanatics so when I say I don't believe in God or anything like that, they go "You are going to hell" and I don't even believe in hell. Sorry if someone gets offended, but I'm just expressing myself in here.

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

It always amazes me that people have such polarised opinions about God and Christianity. The truths are very simple if you want to hear but if you dfont Christians are told not to cast pearls before swine. And that doesnt mean you are pigs it is an illustration the Israelites would undersatnd . I it offends you please read as dont keep pushing the truths at people who are either uninterested or too fixed in their unbelief

Everyone should have the same right to enjoy life. I dont believe any decent sort of creator would purposly sent people to a realm of torment for something as petty as non belief.<br />
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On top of that, the very concept of hell as a place of punishment was taken from other belief systems. The original bible stated that death for non believers met with unmaking. Ie you would simply cease to be. (which I disagree with, because of the theorys that energy cannot be created or destroyed and the soul/spirit would not be exempt from that).

Sure I will do that. They are actually all guys, my bff doesn't mind, she says that we all deserve to express our opinions and it came out from the words of an actual christian who respects her beliefs dearly. Lol, the bible, sexist XD

I don't like them either, nor do I respect their opinion. An educated opinion is respectable, but Blind faith should be abhored. I am going to assume that these friends are Christian. They most likely haven't even read the Bible through from one cover to the other, and if there female tell them that the Bible is sexist. Paul actually writes that women shouldn't speak in the church and he says that women shouldn't teach either. Whatever you do, don't let them brainwash you with their BS. If you ever need help in a debate against a Christian email me.