For The First Time In My Life...nearly

I just sold my car a few months ago. I really did not need it; it was just sitting in the drive with expired registration because the break job needed on it was more costly than the car was worth. It was a nice little car; a teal Grand Am, 1997. We named her "Gem" because I like to make beaded jewelry and driving her helped me feel creative.

The last time I did NOT have was for a brief time during college in between my OLD (Olive Green) Ford LTD with a half leather top and a (Golden) Chevy Chevette, manual transmission. I took the bus for a few months while I was attending college AND working and was able to buy the Chevette from my brother after he bought a new car. 

I don't own a car now. I have owned cars or had at least ONE car in my name my entire life except for the brief period in college and in the past few months.

It's ok. My husband has a car; I drive it and will have it as my own when he buys a newer model soon. 
fightn4me fightn4me
46-50, F
May 15, 2012