I Had One, Once...

I had a hairdryer. A Braun. Mauve. 1000Watt bugger too. Had a few different fronts to direct the air better.
I never used it to dry my hair though.
I never use a hairdryer to blowdry my hair. It's bad, too hot and makes your hair crispy and dehydrated.
I've always used that Braun to warm my feet in winter. Was great too. Better than an electric ****.
Lasted only two winter though. Too long periods of blowing, I guess.
As I since the Braun's demise moved to a less draughty flat, I never replaced it.
So, I don't own a hairdryer.
jimmyrudyjump jimmyrudyjump
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6 Responses Mar 2, 2011

I've heard of it being called a "blowfryer" before...because that is a more accurate description of what it does to your hair long-term.

you are too awesome

don't use one either, i use the headbanging method to dry my hair.. :) prolly need to stop that method, only so many brain cells to spare here.

I did some serious cooking with that oven. I especially bought flameproof overalls to cook my chicken.<br />
After I moved to the windy flat, I considered putting the oven underneath my desk, but I couldn't stretch my legs without having to smear butter all over my feet... so I bought the Braun hair dryer instead... ;)

Ah, yes... Tried that too once, I must confess... I was in a bit of a Hugh Hefner period at the time, wearing nothing but a bathrobe at home, so I had...errr... certain delicate body parts which kinda, you know, got in harm's way ... :(

Hey, I'm from Belgium. It's what we do ;)