No, I Don't

Partially because they're expensive & I don't have the money, & partly because I just find it ridiculous to spend that much money on something an Mp3 player can do. I had an Mp3 player (still do, but the battery died because I never charged it lol & I have yet to replace it) that held 8GB's of data which included, besides just Mp3's,  videos, ebooks, games, & it played fm radio. I bought it off ebay for less than $23 with free shipping & handling. I think that's a way better deal than an iPod.
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iPods are still popular. Certainly, iPhones are, too, but a LOT of people still have iPods, in case you haven't noticed.

intesting i pods are last year stuff yall i phones are this year like i have one you heard

Komaki, I deleted your comment because it has nothing to do with my story & is rude.

I have a problem with brand names just for the sake of brand names, which is why I try to avoid them.

With IPOD, you are primarily paying for the name. People see it as a status symbol. There is actually a site called, which bucks the status symbol garbage. If you're satisfied with what you have, just enjoy that.