I Own a Zune

It was between the iPod and the Zune. In the end I decided to go with the Zune because it, being a Microsoft product, would hopefully work better on my new Vista laptop. If anything, Microsoft certainly has more of a vested interested in making sure it works. Plus, the Zune has such a nice, wide, gorgeous screen. I've been watching episodes of Friends on it, as well as listening to music. It's been great. Sure, there are some things I'm not a fan of: namely, on the Zune marketplace you can't buy TV episodes or movies, and it irritates me that every time I turn it on I have to reselect whatever music I want to listen to. I plug it into my car charger/fm modulator, I have to reselect the music I was listening to before I unplugged it. This is annoying. However, my qualms are relatively minor. Oh, and I wish it had a larger hard drive. 30 gigs is simply not enough. In order to fit my entire collection I'd need at least 50 gigs, and some much more advanced sorting and organizing tools. Ah, well.
liferiot liferiot
26-30, M
May 9, 2007