I Don't Have One Neither

I'm pretty much fine without one, as long as I have plenty of various radio stations to listen.  Sometimes though, I think it'd be great.  I mean when you're traveling and come to the point of no reception or the reception of only music that you really don't care for.  Or... when all 12 of your radio stations are playing stuff you don't care to listen to.  Kind of lie cable 100 kazillion stations and..."there's nothing on".  Oh well, just another little part of life.
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2 Responses May 26, 2007

I had no idea. It took me a long time to even know what these things are! I know what to go for now, if I decide I want to buy something to put music on. Thanks for the bit of info. :)

I read that Ipods can break easily and it costs to have the battery replaced. When we bought our daughter an mp3 for Christmas we didn't even consider and Ipod. We got her a nice Sansa 2GB pla<x>yer that works very well. And you can replace the battery with no problem.